About 2TZone

2TZone is an American publisher of youth-oriented media and entertainment. 2TZone was created by Nebo-Group Online as a bi-monthly magazine. 2-Transverse Zone covers trending and upcoming fashion, footwear, food, music, sports, and pop culture trends. 2TZone is a credible and strong new brand. It is a well-established news and entertainment portal that seeks to establish a close relationship with its readers and advertisers. It was founded in 2021 by Nebo-Group Online. 2TZone is run on users generated basis by writers and contributors worldwide.


Our mission is to produce the latest entertainment news as it unfolds.


Our vision is to provide an unchallengeable fresh narrative of showbiz events and happenings as well as deliver insight that will not only empower audiences but also brands and broadcasters.


Creativity, Authenticity & Quality


We produce content for everyone with their needs as the center.


We are honest and open, share information, and acknowledge mistakes. Creative We are innovative, adaptable and creative, making lasting improvements to the content people see and read here on 2TZone.com


We respect everyone we work with: our audiences, partners, and colleagues. We seek to understand the context and to encourage diversity.


We support, challenge, and value our colleagues and partners, learning from each other. We involve communities in designing and delivering our work. We have an impact by combining research, expertise and innovation to find appropriate and lasting solutions. You can contact us if you have an interest in journalism and media entertainment or if you simply want to develop your writing, presentation and publishing skills. For more inquiries about 2TZone, Visit Contact Us page.